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2023 Restaurant Cream Charger Procurement Guide

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2023 Restaurant Cream Charger Procurement Guide

Restaurants and cafes are always looking for new and innovative ways to provide better service to customers.

The freshness of food materials is an important aspect for customers pursue. The whipped cream charger is used to quickly send fresh cream, bringing customers a new experience.

N2O Cream charger is a kind of compressed gas of whipping cream, which is used to whip cream by the cream dispensers.

The whipped cream is used in various dishes, which is sweet and salty. It can be used as a topping for desserts (i.e. cakes or pies), or mixed into sparkling drinks, coffee or hot chocolate as a topping or filled in sandwiches and bread, or even used as cooking materials.

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant or cake&dessert shop and want to buy the Nitrous oxide cream charger for your company, this guide is for you.

This guide will introduce some matters you need to consider when purchasing the N2O cream chargers , so as to help you choose your suitable cream charger.

1) Consider costs

As an enterprise's purchase manager, cost is the primary consideration, because it is related to whether the enterprise can make a profit and how much it can make. Now many restaurants and cafes in the market always use 580g, 615g or less N2O cream cylinders. This is because they are easier to use and store.

For enterprises that need a large amount of fresh cream, such as ice cream stores, it is best to use large capacity N2O cream cylinders. In the long run, more cream can be provided at the same cost.

Of course, the price of the cream charger will be different because of the type, brand and supplier. Generally speaking, when you consider the cost, you must compare the price with the product quality. So you can try more samples from different suppliers at first.

2) Always consider safety

The Nitrous oxide cream charger is a pressurized gas bottle containing a certain amount of nitrous oxide. There is a certain pressure in the bottle, So  read the instructions first. Before whipping cream, check whether the various accessories of the cream dispensers are installed completely. For example, 580g, 615g and 640g are also equipped with relevant pressure regulator valves. Before using the pressure regulator valves, you should slowly adjust the pressure value at first.

Therefore, be sure to read the safety instructions carefully before using the N2O cream charger.

Generally speaking, when you turn on the N2O cream charger, you should not put your head directly on it. This is because the burning of high-pressure gas will cause nitrous oxide to be released to your face. Before use, check all kinds of accessories to ensure no risk.

3) Easy to use

When you are working in a busy kitchen, the last thing you want to do is waste time to whip cream, because you need to spend more time designing the style of cake dessert and how to make delicious food. So the simple and safe N2O cream charger is a very good kitchen tool, which can help you provide fresh cream in a short time,

Most household or commercial high-capacity cream chargers on the market now mainly include 580g, 615g and 640g types. These chargers are equipped with a nozzle, which can be directly connected to your fresh cream dispenser for use. Or you can use a cream dispenser to whip cream and adjust the gas output pressure as required. Both methods are very convenient and fast.

4) Consider purchasing N2O cylinders in bulk

If you are a restaurant that uses a lot of fresh cream, you should definitely consider buying ice cream in bulk. In this way, you can get a discount on the price, and you neednt worry about running out.

For example, 580 g, 615 g of these capacities of gas. Purchasing in large quantities can not only reduce costs, but also help you to provide a large amount of fresh cream in a short time.

If you only use it at home, 8g will be more suitable for you. You can purchase the quantity of cream charger according to your actual situation. It will not be wasted.


After checking these details, if you need to order N2O cream charger, you can check these details for reference. If you are looking to purchase N2O cream cylinders in bulk. A legal factory is your best choice.

And you can choose the GanZhou XingYe chemical Co., Ltd

We are the original real manufacturer of the N2O Cream Cartridges in the market. Our products are certified by CE,BV,FDA register and china government approved related certification like the danger approved and food-glade gas certification.

As a professional factory, we quietly accept customized professional Nitrous oxide Cream chargers and the CO2 cartridges for many brands, Our mainly market are Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia, etc.


Ganzhou XingYe Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a legal factory and comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D,design production and sales of Nitrous oxide cream chargers and CO2 cartridges,which is located in Ganzhou city, JiangXi Province,China.

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