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CO2 chargers make Blue Moon drinks

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CO2 chargers make Blue Moon drinks

Do you get sick of sipping the same old drinks? Want to make your party more exciting? Look nowhere else! This post will show you how to use CO2 chargers to create a delicious and hydrating blue moon beverage. Use our step-by-step instructions to make this distinctive and delicious cocktail, then wow your guests.

What is a Blue Moon Drink?

Let's define a blue moon cocktail before we proceed with the recipe. Any occasion calls for a delicious, reviving cocktail like a blue moon. Its blue hue, which results from the addition of the citrus liqueur blue curaçao, gives it its name. Usually served over ice, the cocktail is constructed with vodka, lemonade, and blue curaçao. It is the ideal beverage for any celebration or those sweltering summer days.


Step 1: Get the Tools Ready

The Equipment needs to be ready before we start. Start by packing ice into a tall glass and setting it aside. Next, connect a CO2 charger to the dispenser in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer. A fully charged and prepared dispenser should be used.

Step 2: Combine the ingredients.

We will then combine the components for the blue moon beverage. In a cocktail shaker, combine 1 1/2 oz of vodka, 2 oz of blue curaçao, and 4 oz of lemonade. The components should be thoroughly shaken together.

Step 3: Make the Drink Carbonated

The drink needs to be carbonated after the ingredients have been combined. Gas will be released into the cocktail shaker after the CO2 charger has been inserted into the dispenser. For 10 seconds, firmly shake the shaker to incorporate carbon dioxide into the beverage.

Step 4: Offer

Pour the carbonated beverage into the ice-filled glass that has been prepared. The blue moon beverage needs to be bubbly and cool. Serve immediately after adding a lime or lemon slice as a garnish.

Advice and Methods

The components for a pitcher of blue moon drink should be multiplied by the number of servings required.

To put a distinctive spin on the traditional blue moon drink, experiment with other lemonade flavors.

Use a soda siphon if you don't have a CO2 charging dispenser.


In conclusion, the blue moon cocktail made with CO2 charges is a delightful and invigorating drink appropriate for any occasion. With a few easy ingredients and necessary equipment, you may wow your visitors with a distinctive and delectable beverage. What are you still holding out for? Try this recipe to experience the cool fizz of the blue moon beverage.


1. Can I make the blue moon drink with a different kind of alcohol?

Yes, you can use gin or rum in place of vodka to produce a different flavor profile.

2. May I substitute another variety of curaçao liqueur?

Yes, if you'd prefer, you can substitute a different kind of curaçao liquor. However, keep in mind that choosing a different variety may change the beverage's flavor and color.

3. How many CO2 chargers are required to properly carbonate the beverage?

To carbonate one serving of the blue moon beverage, use one CO2 charger. However, you could require numerous chargers if you're creating a bigger amount.

4. Can the blue moon cocktail be made without a cocktail shaker?

Yes, you can combine the components in a glass or pitcher before adding them to the dispenser of the CO2 charger. However, a cocktail shaker enables a more thorough mixing of the ingredients, improving mouthfeel.

5. Can I prepare the blue moon beverage in advance?

Although the drink can be prepared in advance, it is advised to carbonate it right before serving to achieve maximum fizz. The components can, however, be prepared ahead of time and combined when the meal is ready.

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