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Difference between cream charger and soda charger

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Difference between cream charger and soda charger

The main difference lies in the composition of the cream charger and soda charger.

Cream Charger:

It generally contains nitrous oxide. When it is dispensed into the cream, this gas does not react with it.

Soda Charger:

It contains carbon dioxide. When it is dispensed into the cream, it reacts with the water in the cream to form carbonic acid. Although it is a weak acid, it can affect the quality of the cream. Cream reacts to acid by forming a snowflake-like structure, especially animal cream.

The cream charger is mainly used for whipped cream dispensers. The flow structure of fine bubbles when gas-liquid two-phase flows vertically downward are different from that when they flow vertically upward. In the former case, fine bubbles are concentrated in the core part of the tube, while in the latter case, they are distributed over the entire cross-section of the tube. When the liquid phase flow rate remains constant and the gas phase flow rate increases, fine bubbles will gather into gas bubbles and form a two-phase flow with a downward bullet-like flow structure.

The bullet-like flow structure consists of a series of gas bullets. The end of each gas bullet is semi-spherical while its tail is flat. Small air bubbles are sandwiched between two gas bullets, and there is a liquid film flowing down between each gas bullet and the tube wall.

Difference between cream charger and soda charger

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