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Frequently Asked Questions for the N2O cream chargers

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Frequently Asked Questions for the N2O cream chargers

Maybe you heard the N2O cream chargers,But not very clear about them,If you are a beginner in the field, and you happen to get confused with so many questions about the N2O cream chargers Like what is the N2O cream chargers?how they used? How to choose etc.Maybe this guide can make you know much more clear about the N2O cream chargers.

#1 What is a N2O Cream Charger?

When nitrous oxide gas is formed into a high-pressure liquid and then loaded into a steel cylinder, It is called N2O Cream chargers,They can be used for many purposes, And it depends on your needs, but they are mainly used for two purposes in the market, one for medical use and the other for food additives. And the market have the popular types like the 8g,580g.615g and 640g for reference.

And for the big capacities types like the 580g/615g/640g types. These types need worked with the pressure regulator, Which can adjust the amount of the nitrous oxide gas. Nitrous oxide in this state acts as a whipping agent to whipped cream or any other mix once introduced into a cream dispenser.

In other words, Nitrous oxide gas helps aerate any mixture, increasing volume and density.

#2 What are the Different Uses of the 8g N2O cartridges and the 580g/615g/640g N2O cream tanks?

in the food industry, whipped cream chargers need a cream dispenser to work. Otherwise, they are just capsules. Once both elements are together, the magic can happen, and they can start complementing each other.for instance, to create whipped cream. But not only whipped cream. High-end cream siphons in the company of nitrous oxide can help you whip cream, carbonating, and making rapid infusions.

And the 8g N2O cartridges need use with the cream dispenser. But the big capacities types like the 580g/615g/640g types N2O cream tanks. Not only need use with the cream dispenser, and need match the pressure regulators.And the regulator can adjust the nitrous oxide used speed and amount.

Also, as its most basic, a whipping siphon is naturally a metal or stainless steel container that aerates cream with a high-fat percentage.

#3 How can I Choose the Right Size of N2O Cream Chargers?

For culinary purposes, you have a wide range of sizes, And the popular sizes are 8g ,580g, 615gr, and 640g. All of them help deliver freshly made whipped cream for top-class satisfaction. The size you need depends more on your actual needs and on which you consider it is the most effective qua capacity. What do you need a cream charger for, and how much of a specific mixture will you make?

Usually if you used small like for the family usually usage, we suggest 8g is enough, 8g types packed 10pcs./24pcs./50pcs.

But if you used more like for business use. We suggest you can choose the big capacities, because the cost will be much more cheaper.

#4 Are N2O Cartridges and the N2O cream tanks are the same as Whippets?

Our answer is yes; whippets (also spelled “whippits” or “whip-its”) is another related term to whip cream chargers, the small ones.

Whippets are a modern slang, most spoken in the United States, like the 8g N2O cartridges used for culinary or recreational purposes.

This denomination became famous from the brand Whip-it, originally from the United States but with a presence worldwide.

And for the big capacities types like the 580g/615g/640g types. Usually they are called N2O cream tanks.

If you interested in the N2O cream chargers,You can consider us: GanZhou XingYe chemical Co., Ltd

We are the original real manufacturer of the N2O Cream Cartridges in the market. Our products are certified by CE,BV,FDA register and china government approved related certification like the danger approved and food-glade gas certification.

As a professional factory, we quietly accept customized professional Nitrous oxide Cream chargers and the CO2 cartridges for many brands, Our mainly market are Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia, etc.


Ganzhou XingYe Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a legal factory and comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D,design production and sales of Nitrous oxide cream chargers and CO2 cartridges,which is located in Ganzhou city, JiangXi Province,China.

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