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How to make nitrogen cold brew coffee at home?

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How to make nitrogen cold brew coffee at home?

Nitro coffee, to be specific, has been popular overseas since 2015 and was first introduced in some independent coffee shops. Later, Starbucks also began offering nitro coffee by adding nitrogen to cold brew coffee or directly infusing it during the brewing process. It is said that adding nitrogen can make the coffee taste richer and silkier, with a slight resemblance to dark beer.

Nitro coffee is best made with cold brew coffee, which highlights its floral and fruity characteristics. In addition to using cold brew, iced drip, and hand-drip iced coffee can also be used to make nitro coffee. Some people even use iced Italian espresso to make nitro coffee, which is quite surprising.

Here is a brief guide on how to make nitro coffee:

1. Obtain cold brew coffee.

2. Add nitrogen using a nitrogen or cream charger.

3. Prepare a clean cream whipper and one cream charger.

4. Pour the cold brew into the cream whipper until it is about 90% full. This is a crucial step as overfilling can pose safety risks.

5. Tighten the cream whipper and insert the cream charger.

6. Chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving.

7. Hold the cream dispenser upside down and gently press the handle to release the coffee. You will see a delicate foam (generated by the reaction between nitrogen, natural oils, and fructose in coffee). The taste is explosively sweet and fills your entire mouth, making it perfect for summer. If you want a better sweetness, I suggest adding a little honey to create a richer floral aroma and sweetness when mixed with coffee. You can also add some milk to make a frothy latte.

Note: Nitrogen (N2) is an inert gas used as a protective gas to lower temperature, prevent corrosion, and act as a preservative. It has a preserving effect that can help to prolong the flavor of coffee and delay its deterioration.

How to make nitrogen cold brew coffee at home


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