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If Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte can be produced by N2O cream cartridges?

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If Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte can be produced by N2O cream cartridges?

Schwarzwlder Kirschtorte, also known as "Black Forest Cherry Cake", originated in the Black Forest region in southern Germany and is one of the famous dessert representatives in Germany.

Black Forest Cake combines the sour cherry, sweet cream, bitter chocolate and mellow cherry wine; It is not only popular in Germany, but also famous all over the world.

1. 4 egg whites and add 50g white sugar in three times

2. Beat until the protein cream lines are clear and the surface is smooth. Lift the egg beater and the end is firm and upright.

3. Add egg yolk

30g white sugar

Salad oil 40g

Milk 40g

10 g cocoa powder

60g low gluten flour, sift the flour into the egg yolk basin.

4. Evenly stir until there are no particles

5. Take 1/3 of the egg white cream and put it into the egg yolk paste, stir it evenly, and then pour it back into the remaining egg white basin. This step is very defoaming, so it needs to be stirred Kwai.

Mix the batter evenly to the following figure, pour the batter into the 6-inch cake mold, shake it hard for a few times to shake out the big bubbles.

You can pad oil paper at the bottom and around the cake mold, so that it will demould well.

6. Preheat the oven to 150 ℃, put the upper and lower tubes into the oven, and bake the last layer for about 55 minutes.


7. Take out the buckle after baking, and demould after cooling

8. Cut the cake into three pieces for use

9. Melt the chocolate in water, freeze it in the refrigerator, scrape out the chocolate chips with a spoon after solidification, and reserve

10.300g light cream+30g white granulated sugar, beat until the grain is clear

11. Spread the cream evenly in the middle of the cake slice, or clip some fruit according to your preference

12. Smooth the cake surface with cream

13. To smear the weak gospel is to sprinkle chocolate chips and almond slices around, and nothing can be seen,


Just squeeze a few more flowers on the top and put cherries on it!


One of the time consuming ways is whipping cream. In the market, you can also choose N2O cream cartridges which are simpler and more convenient


Let's learn how to use the 8g N2O cream cartridges?


Where can I buy cheap and high-quality N2O cream cartridges?

XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. If you interested in the bigger N2O tanks, we can support you the filled N2O cream chargers with the pressure regulator. Which help you use them well.

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