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What we should know when Using CO2 Tanks?

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What we should know when Using CO2 Tanks?

CO2 is a colorless but not odorless gas, consisting of one part carbon and two parts oxygen. It is sold commercially worldwide under pressure in steel cylinders or bottles called tanks.

In its basics, it is one of the essential gases on Earth because plants use it to produce carbohydrates in photosynthesis. This fact makes it critical for global warming.

Furthermore, at ordinary temperatures, carbon dioxide is relatively unreactive; above 1,700 °C (3,100 °F), it partially decomposes into carbon monoxide and oxygen.

If you are using, transporting, and storing CO2 tanks or carbon dioxide cylinders for food purposes, this guide is something for you. Today we bring you some essential facts regarding CO2 tanks’ safety. Don’t miss any!

**Using CO2 Tanks Safely

Working safely with carbon dioxide means understanding this gas’s physical and chemical characteristics and taking suitable safety precautions.

Therefore, as probably the most crucial feature, you need to know that carbon dioxide is non-inflammable, chemically stable, and inert under atmospheric conditions. It won’t react (quickly) to combustion interaction. Nevertheless, it can respond to ammonia or amines.

Secondly, and worth emphasizing, CO2 is approximately 1.5 times as heavy as air at atmospheric pressure, Compressed gasses such as CO2, nitrous oxide, and oxygen are all gasses at room temperature. However, once these gasses cool enough, they become liquid, which is how you store them in gas containers.

Consequently, in the gas cylinder, CO2 is in a liquid state.

We recommend you use a pressure regulator to set the proper outlet pressure of less than 5.2 bar. The tension in the cylinder is approximately 57 bar at 20°C.

**Health Precautions When Using CO2 Tanks

So far, you are aware that CO2 is non-inflammable. But CO2 is also colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Hence, practically impossible to detect with the human senses.

The following health precautions are advisable:

Keep the CO2 system gas-tight. Seal any leaks immediately. Gas leaking in a confined place can cause suffocation and death.

Keep CO2 tanks well-ventilated.

If a sudden CO2 discharge of emission occurs, prioritize the immediate evacuation of low-lying areas.

Keep CO2 extinguishing systems nearby in all possible sensitive rooms.

**Transporting and Storing CO2 Tanks

The transport of CO2 tanks is not much different than transporting nitrous oxide cylinders. The previous said, when transporting by road and vehicle, secure the pallets with unique strings and foil so the shipment doesn’t displace. The car or truck should have good ventilation and enough space for a trolley. A trolley saves you logistic effort.

In parallel, regarding storing, it is vital to keep the bottles out of direct sunlight to prevent an increase in temperature, which eventually will lead to a rise in pressure. You should also keep the bottles away from corrosive atmospheres and ensure they are correctly labeled.

**Where to Buy a CO2 Cylinder?

Are you wondering where to purchase a high-quality CO2 cylinder?

The pressure gas always noted a little dangerous, So the government approval factory is the best choice.We, XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd, are the original real manufacturer of the CO2 cylinders and CO2 tanks in the market. Our products are certified by CE,BV,FDA register and china government approved related certification like the danger approved and food-glade gas certification.

As a professional factory, we quietly accept customized professional CO2 cartridges for many brands, Our mainly market are Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia, etc.

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