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Why choose the 580g Cream Charger in the 580g and 8g cream charger?

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Why choose the 580g Cream Charger in the 580g and 8g cream charger?

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a gas that is employed as a whipping agent in whipped cream dispensers and is found in cylinders called "whipped cream chargers." Do you still have trouble deciding which cream chargers to use? Take it easy; this post will explain the differences between 580g cream chargers and the benefits of selecting them.

We are the market's genuine original producer of N2O Cream Chargers and CO2 cartridges. Our goods, which include 8g cream chargers, 580g cream chargers, 615g cream chargers, 640g cream chargers, CO2 cartridges, and others, have received certification from the CE, BV, FDA register, and China government-approved related certifications. The most common ones on the market right now, though, are either 8 or 580 grams. So this post makes a comparison between 8g cream chargers and 580g cream chargers.

Difference Between 8g and 580g Cream Chargers

Why 580G Cream Chargers Are Better?

You might wish to weigh your options before ordering many nitrous oxide cream chargers in capsule form for a catering occasion. This is an important factor to take into account when you examine the effort needed to utilize the little whip cream cartridges to meet your whipped cream demands.

The bigger 580g whip cream charges are the best for the job, thus you should take those into account.

1.580g cream chargers are reasonably priced.

Each 0.95L whipped cream charger includes 580g of the best culinary grade N2O gas available compared to the 8g typical whipped cream chargers, which saves waste and makes the 580g cream chargers more sustainable and ecologically friendly.

For instance, if you buy a small number of them, the advantages of the 8g and 580g cream chargers are rather equivalent. However, 580g cream chargers are more economical if you buy a lot of them. This suggests that when purchased in sufficient quantities, 580g cream chargers are cost-effective. Particularly, the customer makes larger purchases, and wholesale pricing is in effect.

2.580g offers greater logistic benefits.

Because Tonghui Gas, the original manufacturer, has the biggest yearly N2O output of 60,000 tonnes, Rotass is one of the most respected providers of 580g cream chargers in China. As noted above, a state-of-the-art factory with years of expertise produced this manufacturing video. To the highest manufacturing standards, we are able to create 580g cream charges of 99.95% high pure N2O gas. Since then, 580g gas has become known for its revolutionary advancements and frosted packaging.

3.The benefit of 580g cream chargers for retail

Compared to 8g cream chargers, 580g cream chargers are simpler to ship in a single package. According to our clients' experiences, bigger cream charges are preferable for them to buy and travel. The 580g cream chargers size steel cylinders are also 100% recyclable, and they are simpler to handle than smaller ones.

4.The wholesale advantage of 580g cream chargers

First off, Rotass 580g N2O cream chargers are 99.95% N2O, which is a standard in Europe, and have been fully authorized by many certifications. If franchisees and customers are eager to acquire and sell the items, they must be of high quality. Second, the industry data shows that most franchisees are willing to offer 580g cream charges in the retail market.


For every reputable and enthusiastic caterer, the 8-gram cream charger or the 580-gram whipped cream charger is a necessary cylinder. You may obtain the finest food-grade nitrous oxide needed to make the tastiest whipped cream by utilizing a whipped cream charger. They are also secure for use in the kitchen. 580 g nitrous oxide cylinders must have pressure regulators for safety.

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