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Why is carbon dioxide used instead of air in soda?

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Why is carbon dioxide used instead of air in soda?

Soda, also known as carbonated beverages, is a drink that contains carbon dioxide gas. Beverages like cola and soda water are examples of carbonated drinks. But why is carbon dioxide added instead of the more common air?

In fact, the first carbonated drinks that humans encountered were naturally occurring carbonated spring water. Later on, people discovered that mixing water and carbon dioxide together artificially produced a unique flavor similar to natural spring water. This discovery greatly accelerated the development of carbonated beverages.

On the other hand, soda does not use air because it contains oxygen which has an oxidizing effect on many substances and can cause them to spoil, resulting in a poor taste. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, is a neutral compound that does not react with many substances and therefore does not affect the taste of the beverage. In fact, when dissolved in the drink, it produces a stimulating sensation due to the formation of carbonic acid when consumed.

Moreover, carbonic acid lowers the pH value of the beverage making it acidic which makes it difficult for most microorganisms to survive and reproduce except for acid-resistant bacteria. Additionally, adding carbon dioxide creates an oxygen-free environment in the container which prevents many aerobic bacteria from surviving and thus acts as a sterilizing agent. This is truly a win-win situation.

Why is carbon dioxide used instead of air in soda?


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