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Are Cream Chargers Recyclable?

Views: 269     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-25      Origin: Site


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Are Cream Chargers Recyclable?

After the year we've had of countless natural disasters and going through a global pandemic, we've all come to the realisation that we need to protect and care for our planet and those around us.

In the last year especially, many people have asked us"can cream chargers be recycled?”and our answer is yes!

This handy guide will take you through how to recycle cream chargers and other important information.

Important Information about Recycling Cream Chargers

It is important to note that you should not put gas canisters in your standard waste bins as this is a safety hazard. Cartridges of any gas type MUST (and we do stress must!) be completely emptied of all pressurised or liquid gases before they are disposed of.

You can empty cream chargers and other gas capsules with any matching syphon or dispenser or via a handheld recycling device. You must abide by the manufacturer’s safety information and not pierce capsules with anything other than a pin/needle in a syphon or recycling tool that has been designed specifically for this purpose.

How To Recycle Cream Chargers Safely

Keep your Cream Chargers in One Place

Once you have used your cream chargers for their intended purpose, keep all your empty cartridges in one place along with the original packaging.

This is so you can take them to be recycled together, and so you don’t accidentally lose some. This can be in a tub or box, somewhere where children can’t get to them.

Check your Cream Chargers are Empty

Once you have collected enough, as mentioned above you need to make sure they are all empty of gas. You can do this by checking the tip of the cartridge, it should be fully pierced.

You can also run the empty canisters under water to force out any remaining gas and we would recommend doing this each time. After these checks have been done you can safely dispose of your cream chargers via recycling.

Where to Recycle Cream Chargers

We recommend that our customers use Recycling Centre's specifically for metal as this is the safest way to ensure they will be disposed of properly. You can find out where your local metal recycling centre is here.

You can also check out RecycleNow for information on recycling gas bottles and where to dispose of them.

Manufacturers recommend chopping cream chargers in half after the gas has been expelled using the designated kitchen tool or crushing the cartridges to flatten them. However, we know that some will not have access to these devices which is why we recommend taking your empty cream chargers and other canisters to recycling centres.

We hope this guide helps our customers to understand the importance of recycling cream chargers, and how we’re on hand to help if you have any questions.

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