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Benefits and Drawbacks of 580G Cream Chargers

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Benefits and Drawbacks of 580G Cream Chargers

These are the most popular benefits of 580g whipped cream chargers.

They're Economical

Let’s start by breaking down the economic benefits of shopping for 580g cream chargers. Many cream charger brands, especially conventional ones, only sell cheap 8g nitrous oxide canisters.

Averagely, a pack of 50 N2O whipped cream chargers is available at approx. 30 USD. On the other, one 580g cream charger is available at approximately 15 USD. Before we do the math consider this, one 580-gram N2O tank is the equivalent of 80 8-gram N20 cartridges. So, the cost of a pack of 50 8-gram cartridges is enough to get two 580-gram tanks or an equivalent of 160 small cartridges. In other words, instead of buying 8g cream chargers in bulk, you can simply decide to buy a few 580g cream chargers.  

This goes without saying that tanks are more lucrative for large volume use, such as a dessert business or a large gathering. So, next time before you buy 8g cartridges in bulk think about the tanks and how economical they are.

Logistic Benefits

If you are running a business, then buying 580g cream chargers sounds to be more lucrative. This is so because you will be ordering less frequently. But if you were to buy small 8g cartridges, then you will be forced by demand to buy more often.

When you order cream chargers less often, you get to significantly reduce delivery costs when shopping nearby and shipping and delivery costs when shopping from a different state or country. You will not have to spend a lot of time stocking and managing your inventory. You also don’t have to worry about processing new deliveries every now and then. 

The Choice to Buy in Bulk

Instead of buying a large quantity of small nitrous oxide cartridges in bulk, you can simply buy a few tanks in bulk for a long-term supply and reduced costs.

Apart from being a cheaper option, 580g N2O tanks provide wholesale opportunities for both small and large-scale businesses.  

When you buy 580-gram nitrous oxide canisters in large quantities, you can use a section of your inventory for your business and the rest for low volume use like topping desserts and creating cocktails at home.


Another very important benefit of buying 580-gram N2O tanks over the small cartridges is how sustainable they are. As we mentioned, one single tank of food-grade N2O is equivalent to 80 eight-gram nitrous oxide cartridges.

So, a single tank reduces the amount of steel that could so easily find its way into the environment. Carrying a few tanks to a recycling firm nearby is much easier and cheaper than carrying hundreds of empty 8g N2O cartridges to a recycling firm.  

They're User-Friendly

Although you need a pressure regulator, a filling hose, and an adaptor to be able to use a tank with a whipped cream dispenser, tanks are more user-friendly.

Consider this, you can regulate or control the pressure of N2O gas injected into the cream whipper. For example, you can conveniently set the pressure at 16 bar when creating 8 portions of whipped cream, 10 bar when creating 4 portions of whipped cream, or 5 bar when making 1 portion of whipped cream.

Some Drawbacks of 580G Cream Chargers

Here are some drawbacks of tanks:

Compatibility Issues

The 580g N2O tanks are not designed to be compatible with standard 8g cream whippers. You need a pressure regulator with an attached filling hose and an adaptor to make a tank of nitrous oxide compatible with a regular whipped cream dispenser.

It’s Possible to Over-Charge a Cream Whipper

The pressure regulator helps you to control the amount of gas you are injecting into your cream whipper. But it can be tricky if you don’t know how many bars are enough. So, you may unknowingly inject excess N2O into the whipped cream dispenser.


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