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Do you know the Whipped Cream Dispenser and How Does it Work?

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Do you know the Whipped Cream Dispenser and How Does it Work?

Whip cream dispensers are the most adaptable kitchen equipment of this era. Now, enjoying delectable toppings of your favourite taste is just a few clicks away. This unique device have endless benefits and easy to operate in the professional and home kitchen.

Maybe you have the question, how does it work? The cream dispenser uses nitrous oxide gas to stir and release ingredients of your choice. The gas inside the canister creates ultimate dollops in pressure and provides beautiful garnishing to your various food items.

How to choose the suitable whip cream dispensers?

The dispensers are available in different sizes like 250 ml and 500 ml quantities with stainless steel and durable plastic caps, along with a nozzle and a charger. So pick them as per your usage, reading the user manual and tips. The suitable whip dispenser is easy to maintain and clean.

How to use a whip cream dispenser?

While adding ingredients to the whip cream dispenser, you must use thickening cream and other items up to the marked line for hassle-free and safe usage. Next, place the N2O cartridge into the dispenser head, screw it and turn clockwise. The N2O charger instantly dissolves the fat-causing gas to expand within the fat molecule, releasing the thick cream in 4x volume.

It produces a hissing sound, indicating, now it is ready to release the gas, and in the next few seconds, the cream gets prepared.

Cleaning the whip cream dispenser

Do not put the head of your dispenser into the dishwasher, instead, wash it by hand carefully.

Remove the tip and cartridge holder.

Turn the dispenser head over and remove the rubber gasket and pull the head valve out of the head. In some cases, the head valve is irremovable.

Clean with gentle hands using warm water and let it dry to re-arrange it for the next use.

With the use of the Whip cream dispenser, the most important part is the N2O cream chargers.

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