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Blueberry Flavor of 600 N2O Canisters

-- “Happywhip” brand or OEM
-- Filled with high purity Nitrous Oxide gas.
-- Food-grade E942 nitrous oxide.
-- Blueberry flavor or customized
-- Pack 50 pcs. N2O chargers in one box, 600pcs N2O canisters in one carton
-- Ultra purity above 99%
-- Be made of carbon steel
--Zinc coating prevents kitchen moisture from rusty at the top of the charger.
--Original Manufacture for 8g 600 N2O canister
--Low MOQ with wholesale price

Buying 600 N2O canisters are most people’s choose,Let’s know more about the goods as follows:

1. "Whipping cream" is actually a reaction of emulsification of fat in butter by a gas (nitrous oxide). You can prepare a bottle of 0.5L liquid light cream, and then install one 8g N2O cream charger. There will be about 1.5L solid cream can be whipped. Be careful not to overfill. Excess cream will easily block the dispenser angle. If the liquid cream is too small, the oil content in it will be very low, and the whipped cream will be very thin.

2. Shake the cream dispenser to mix the nitrous oxide gas and liquid cream. The more you shake, the thicker the whipped cream will be. But you don't need to shake it too long. About one minute is enough.

3. Do not add too much liquid cream at one time, Need leave some space for the Nitrous oxide gas and Liquid cream to shake together.

4. Once the whipped cream is completed, do not use it to the food immediately - "test" it first to ensure no nitrous oxide gas or whipped cream that may exist in the valve of dispenser.

5. Remember there is pressure in the cream dispenser. Before adding liquid cream again, you must squeeze the dispenser holder to release the pressure in the bottle.

6. Nitrous oxide gas has a certain role as a preservative, but you still need keep them refrigerated.

7. 600 cream canisters are really a widely used for the kitchen tool to make the desserts and cakes during the weekends family party.

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