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Essential for Coffee Shops: Proper Use of Whipped Cream Dispenser!

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Essential for Coffee Shops: Proper Use of Whipped Cream Dispenser!

In coffee shops, a whipped cream dispenser is a crucial tool that not only adds flavor and texture to beverages but also enhances customers' impression and evaluation of the coffee shop. Whipping cream is typically used to create snow peaks using a whipped cream dispenser, while some branded coffee shops may use a piping bag. The whipped cream dispenser, commonly known as a cream gun, is accompanied by a cream charger filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), commonly known as "laughing gas." As a coffee shop owner or employee, do you know how to use the whipped cream dispenser correctly? Incorrect use of the whipped cream dispenser can not only affect food quality but also waste time and cost. Here are the steps for using the whipped cream dispenser correctly:

1. Prepare the ingredients

Before starting to make whipped cream, make sure all ingredients are ready. You will need fresh cream, sugar, vanilla extract, and a clean whipped cream dispenser.

2. Chill

Before starting to make whipped cream, put the cream in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. This will make it easier to whip the cream.

3. Assembly

Assemble the clean cream whipper and pour the chilled cream into it, being careful not to fill the container completely and leaving some space for the cream to expand.

4. Add Sugar and Vanilla Extract

Add a suitable amount of sugar and vanilla extract to the cream, taking care not to add too much sugar as it may make the cream overly sweet. The vanilla extract can enhance the flavor and aroma.

5. Whip

Begin whipping the cream, taking care not to over-whip it as this may cause it to become dry and hard. Stop whipping when the cream is soft, smooth, and has texture.

6. Storage

Put the whipped cream into a clean container and refrigerate it. If you need to store it for a longer period of time, use a sealed container or wrap it with plastic wrap.

These are the correct steps for using a cream whipper. By mastering these techniques, your coffee shop will become more professional and able to provide customers with a better service experience.

Essential for Coffee Shops: Proper Use of Whipped Cream Dispenser!

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