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The Use of Cream Chargers in Cooking: Everything You Need to Know

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The Use of Cream Chargers in Cooking: Everything You Need to Know

It is not surprising that people who still work in the food industry haven’t discovered or heard of cream chargers or whipping cream dispensers. The reason is simple: they are not aware of the immense capabilities of these unique kitchen tools.

A whipping cream siphon (or dispenser) is a device (or bottle) in which pressurized gas (generally nitrous oxide) is inserted via a cream charger to make whipped cream. The cream charger can be a small metal capsule (also called canisters or cartridges) or a metal cylinder like Fast Gas 615gr, a more oversized and time-efficient format.

The mentioned tools can be convenient and productive when preparing whipped cream or any other mixture in large quantities, so you should not deny the pleasure of having them in storage.

This guide will take you through the main features of whip cream chargers and let you see what you can all do with them.

What are whip cream chargers?

A whip cream charger is a metal cartridge made of food-grade steel containing pressurized nitrous oxide gas. The N2O gas, abbreviated for nitrous oxide, acts as a whipping agent, helping mixtures aerate and gain volume.

Today, it is possible to find a wide range of creaam chargersonn the market suitable for all needs. The smallest size and standard for most cream dispensers is 8 g. Other sizes available ar580 gr15 gr, and 640 gr.m chargers in the market suitable for all needs. The smallest size and standard for most cream dispensers is 8g. Other sizes available are 580gr, 615g, and 640g. These last equal 80+ traditional canisters, for which a bigger cream charger results in an absolute recommendation.

But we guess you wonder how the nitrous oxide can go into the siphon. We do have an answer for you! Click here to discover how a whipping siphon works.

8G Cream Charger vs. 615G Cylinders

You were clear on two things about cream chargers until this very moment:

A single charger can be a cartridge or portable cylinder filled with food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O).

A cream charger is available in different sizes and is suitable for many needs.

The next step is to know the advantages and disadvantages of using an 8-g or bigger one.

8g Cartridges

An 8-gram cream charger is the industry's minor version of N2O cartridges. They are non-refillable and typically designed with a silver finish; they are highly recommended for low-volume use at home or a first-time trial. One capsule usually measures 2.6 inches long and 0.5 inches wide at the bottom.

For a significant occasion or business, you can get a retailer pack of 24 or 50 8-gram N2O chargers.

How to use 8-gram cartridges:

Fill your cream whipper with the right ingredients (such as liquid whipping cream).

Unscrew the charger holder, slide in the cartridge, and screw back the holder containing the cream charger until you hear a sound that indicates the gas has been injected into the dispenser.

615g Cream Chargers

615-gram cream chargers are nowadays the most requested format in the food industry. A single tank is approximately 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. One 615-gram cylinder is equivalent to around 85 single cartridges.

Unlike the small 8-gram canisters, the 615-gram cream chargers are incredibly time-saving when creating whipped creams, foams, and cocktails on a large scale. Like the small ones, the big cartridges are also fully disposable and recyclable.

On Fast Gas, you can purchase 1 to 24 packs. View our product page for more information.

How to use 615-gram cream chargers

Using a 615-gram cylinder requires a pressure regulator, an adaptor, and a filling hose.

An adaptor enables you to connect the filling hose and pressure regulator to your cream siphon. You've got to inject just the right amount of nitrous oxide gas into your cream whipper.

All this considered, you can now think wisely and choose what favors you the most. Maybe it is good to remember that one 8-gram cream charger can only charge a cream whipper once, whereas a 615-gram cylinder can be charged twice or more.


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