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Where to buy nitrous oxide gas in bulk with wholesale price?

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Where to buy nitrous oxide gas in bulk with wholesale price?

Every family likes to cook some delicious food at home, especially housewives. They cook delicious food for their families, Some time will invite friends to open a party at home. it is a comfortable life. Maybe you are a cooking expert, or maybe you are just a kitchen white, but we can still understand and implement some simple cuisines.

Whipping cream dishes are the first choice for most children and even adults. These can be enjoyed at any time. When preparing creamy dishes at home, the main problem we face is to find high-quality fresh cream or make our own. The existence of cream dispenser and N2O charger solves this problem. The advantages of using N2O cream charger are: healthy and pure fresh cream; Readily available; Low cost; Desired flavor, etc.

The cream dispenser is a small, low-cost unit made of stainless steel or ABS plastic. It is a one-time purchase and is used as a bracket and cream box for the cream charger. For household cream, the N2O cream charger is a separate unit filled with N2O (nitrous oxide). It is a disposable unit, but 100% recyclable. It is usually made of stainless steel 0.7 inches wide and 2.5 inches long. The standard N2O charger contains 8g Nitrous oxide gas. The whipped cream must contain at least 28% fat. Nitrous oxide (N2O) is used to whip cream because it is easily dissolved in cream without causing oxidation. Laboratories around the world have declared it safe to use it for whipping cream.

The specifications of the popular N2O cream chargers on the market are 8g, 580g, 615g and 640g.capacity.

You can purchase appropriate specifications and quantities according to your own needs. They all need to be equipped with Cream dispensers. Large specifications also need to be equipped with corresponding pressure regulator. If there are many families gathering frequently, you can choose the large size, simple operation and lower cost. The small cream charger is more suitable for daily family use. If you are a big family and always have the parties with friends, you can purchase a larger capacity. It can help us to whip cream quickly and easily.

Let's take a look at the cream chargers cartridges and cream tanks.

N2O cream chargersN2O cream chargers

Where can we purchase high-quality N2O cream cartridges and cream tanks in bulk at wholesale price? Of course, you need find the original factory.

XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. We are mainly supply the 8g,580g,615g,640g N2O cream chargers.we can support you the filled N2O cream chargers with the pressure regulator. And we cooperated with many famous brands, Because of the government policy to the goods export. So usually most of client will use their own brand, and we are pleased to support our clients their own design too.Anyway, we will support what we can do for all our clients.


Ganzhou XingYe Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a legal factory and comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D,design production and sales of Nitrous oxide cream chargers and CO2 cartridges,which is located in Ganzhou city, JiangXi Province,China.

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