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What you need to know about cream chargers?

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What you need to know about cream chargers?

What are Cream Chargers?

Nitrous oxide, sometimes known as N2O, is the gas that is pressurized inside of cream chargers. Whipping cream is produced when N2O is pumped into cream and interacts with the cream's lipids, gelatines, and other stabilizing ingredients to produce a froth. This process happens while whipping cream manually since N2O is a naturally occurring gas in our atmosphere, but using cream chargers makes the procedure more simpler.

How do you use Cream Chargers?

Cream charges have to be utilized with a dispenser. To begin whipping the ingredients, you must first open the dispenser, add the ingredients, and then screw the top back on firmly. After releasing the gas and giving the dispenser a good shake to ensure the components bond, all that is left to do is insert a cream charger into the charger holder and screw it onto the dispenser. Voila! You may now use your whipped cream.

How many do you need?

The size of the dispenser you own and the amount of cream (or other ingredient) you desire to whip will determine how many whipped cream charges you require. You should anticipate to create between two and six times the quantity of liquid initially placed into the dispenser as whipped cream when using a typical 8g charger to supply either 0.25 or 0.5 litre dispensers. For commercial customers that want bigger quantities, we also provide wholesale.

Which brand should I buy?

Standard whipped cream chargers are all made of steel bulbs that are not refillable and contain food-grade N2, but regrettably not all of them are produced to the same high standards. You may buy cream chargers from happywhip with confidence knowing that we are the market's authentic original producer of N2O cream chargers and CO2 cartridges. Our products have received certification from the FDA, CE, BV, and a number of government-approved agencies in China, including the certification for food-safe gas and hazard.


Overfilling the dispenser with too much N2O can result in escape of liquid from the dispenser and even damage to the dispenser itself. What’s more, cream chargers are unfortunately used by some people to inflate balloons and inhale the gas, which is highly dangerous (see effects here) and can result in throat spasms, severe coughing or, in the most extreme cases, asphyxiation.


We encourage all users of cream chargers to recycle their spent chargers after use, which can be done by placing them alongside everyday steel recyclables such as cans, tins and other items. If everyone who buys cream chargers undertakes this small responsibility, it can make a huge cumulative difference to the environment.

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