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XingYe Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers

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XingYe Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers


Have you been seeking for chargers of superior European quality with more gas per charger and the ability to make freshly manufactured, longer-lasting whip cream? The XingYe food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O) cream charger is the only option.

Even if the cream charger is produced in China, this amazing source offers you unmatched quality and flavor. This premium grade cream charger propels twice as much volume as other kinds on the market, making it ideal for topping up delicious pastries or unique beverages.

It may be used to flavor spirits, tempt drinks, and make delectable sauces and foams for all kinds of culinary creations. What better method than with XingYe to fulfill your culinary fantasies? There are 600 charges in one case.

What Makes Our Cream Charger Standout?

Uses all common whipped cream dispensers.

Filled with the finest, food-grade nitrous oxide gas possible

8 grams of nitrous oxide make up a single, non-refillable charger.

1 pint or half a liter of liquid or cream may be whipped using 8 grams of nitrous oxide.

Key Elements

The cream charger is specially designed to adhere to the strictest international standards for quality, safety, ecologically friendly procedures, and the best performance.

Nobody else on the market offers a cream charger with a guarantee of finer N2O charger performance. Before a final examination, each individual cartridge is painstakingly cleaned, correctly filled, weighed, and checked for leaks.

What can you anticipate from all of that? Be prepared for quick, dependably lovely, worry-free, fluffy heaps of whipped cream of the highest caliber. For a home cook, bartender, barista, or culinary expert, it works like magic. It is a crucial tool for molecular cuisine and those delectable, quickly infused drinks you constantly fantasize of. Given that these potent little chargers create more than twice as much cream as a traditional mixer or by hand, you get to save a lot of money.

Due to changes in atmospheric pressure, this product cannot be transported by air. Because the cream charger includes pressurized gas, you should handle it carefully. These nitrous oxide cartridges were created especially for the preparation of food and drinks.

Never ever burn the product, leave it out in the sun or heat, or keep it over 120°F/50°C. Also, make sure the storage area is cold and dry. Remember to keep it out of children's reach.

8.4 grams of pure nitrous oxide are included into each of our new capsules. To ensure accuracy, each one is weighed separately before packaging. Thanks to the reduced residual volume, maximum premium volume, and up to 20% more portions, you may save time and money.

Final Reflections

Because we provide 100 percent pure N2O whipped cream chargers that adhere to EU regulations, we take satisfaction in being the greatest cream charger provider. Because they offer the cleanest and purest nitrous oxide on the market, these high-quality Chinese producers have established themselves as some of the finest.

At a better price than the competition, we meet the need for cream chargers produced in China, which the majority of consumers have come to enjoy.

Whether you are an international wholesale distributor, a small coffee kiosk, or an individual consumer, we are committed to working with you.

Get the best results you have only been imagining with the XingYe Professional Chargers for an unmatched variety of preparations!

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Ganzhou XingYe Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a legal factory and comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D,design production and sales of Nitrous oxide cream chargers and CO2 cartridges,which is located in Ganzhou city, JiangXi Province,China.

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