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Why the 580g/615g/640g N2O cream tanks are more popular than the 8g N2O cartridges?

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Why the 580g/615g/640g N2O cream tanks are more popular than the 8g N2O cartridges?

The most common use of "Happywhip" N2O cream chargers are to efficiently and effectively to whip cream which can be used to garnish desserts, hot beverages and other dishes.

Benefits Of Buying A Tank Of N2O cream tanks better than the 8g N2O cartridges.

1. Economic advantages

Now in the market, There are many capacities N2O cream tanks. Like 8g/580g/615g/640g, And the most popuplar types would be the bigger capacities types.

Because the bigger types can contains more weight nitrous oxide gas.Like 580g type is about 73 pcs. 8g N2O cartridges, If the unit price of each 8g is USD0.15, 73Pcs. total will be USD 10.95

But one 580g N2O cream tnaks only need about USD6/Pcs.

So the 8g N2O cartridge price is very higher than the bigger capacity N2O cream tanks with the same weights of the nitrous oxide gas.

2. The choice to buy in bulk

Usually these goods will have the big quantity, Because the government are very strictly for the shipping, If need purchase from china, Need book the full container for shipping. So our happywhip offer all our customers a lower price on bulk orders, reducing the costs of a nitrous oxide tank further.

Not only is this a cheaper option, but it also opens up wholesale opportunities for businesses large and small.

That is, by buying nitrous oxide tanks in bulk, you can use part of the inventory to supply your catering business, and the remainder to trade with smaller businesses of the catering scene.

3. Sustainability

A key factor that plays into the lucrativeness of buying nitrous oxide tanks over single cream chargers is their sustainability.

The market most popular materials for the cream chargers is carbon steel material, So the small capacity not only costs high, but they need more materials to produce,If purchase big capacity types, the costs will be cheaper, and it can save much more carbon steel materials.

So such a massive reduction in material consumption has two effects: it’s better for the environment and more economically viable.

Because the tank of nitrous oxide uses less steel, the manufacturing costs are less, and there is another benefit: transport costs for the same amount of nitrous oxide cream chargers will fall as the overall weight of the container drops.

4. User-friendliness

The tank of nitrous oxide is more user-friendly than the small 8g N2O cartridges.

Because the bigger capacity N2O cream tanks need used with the valve regulator, So we can regulate the exact amount of gas released when used.

But the 8g type, if used in one time, it will be better, some time maybe use half, but you cant use the nitrous oxide gas again, so it will waste these gas.

A tank of nitrous oxide, on the other hand, avoids such problems by giving you full control over your consumption.

So if you want to save costs to purchase in bulk N2O cream chargers, Find the bigger N2O cream tanks are better than the 8g N2O cartridges.

XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. If you interested in the bigger N2O cream tanks, we can support you the factory costs with the safety ultra purity nitrious oxide gas.

Of course, We will support the filled N2O cream chargers with the pressure regulator and nozzles too. Which help you use them more simple.

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