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Do you know these tips of the Nitrous oxide gas?

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Do you know these tips of the Nitrous oxide gas?

What does Nitrous oxide gas look like?

Nitrous oxide gas is a colorless and sweet chemical gas, also called laughing gas. It is an oxidant, chemical formula N2O. It can support combustion under certain conditions, but it is stable at room temperature and has a slight anesthetic effect.

Nitrous oxide gas is formed into a high-pressure liquid and then loaded into a steel cylinder, which can also be called N2O Cream chargers,used for many purposes, depending on your needs, but they are mainly used for two purposes in the market, one for medical use and the other for food additives.

What does it taste/smell like?

Some people say that the gas has a slightly sweet smell and taste.

It used as the food additives for the cream whipper, They are popular and tasted well in the cakes.

Is nitrous oxide gas harmful, dangerous or unhealthy?

The nitrous oxide used as the food additives in the cake industry.The use of nitrous oxide is becoming more and more popular,

It is important to know whether the nitrous oxide gas can be harmful or not.  In fact, there has been a lot of talk about the subject since 2013 because it was almost never discussed before that time. n2o, or nitrous oxide, was never properly researched until this new study dated October 27, 2016.Scientifically proven harmless. RIVM, the government research institute, comes up with new facts. RIVM: Dutch government institute that provides information and scientific substantiation of topics related to public health policy.

They indicate that there are no serious health consequences when using ten laughing gas balloons at a time and once a month. Their research is here to read. A spokesperson for the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) who had commissioned RIVM to conduct the investigation stated:

“We could not find any serious health effects with that use.”Addiction does not occur.

There may be some risk of nausea, headaches and some dizziness with frequent use of nitrous oxide. But according to the scientific researchers, the chance of becoming addicted to it is very small.

But used as the food additives, the cakes wont add too much nitrous oxide gas, So the amount of the nitrous oxide is controlled well.Of course, we should control the amount of nitrous oxide gas when using too.

Where to purchase the safety Nitrous oxide from china?

You can choose the GanZhou XingYe chemical Co., Ltd.

We are the original real manufacturer of the N2O Cream Cartridges in the market. Our products are certified by CE,BV,FDA register and china government approved related certification like the danger approved and food-glade gas certification.

As a professional factory, we quietly accept customized professional N2O Cream Cartridges and the CO2 cartridges for many brands, Our mainly market are Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia, etc.

We specialize in producing and designing N2O Cream Cartridges and CO2 cartridges, providing the food grade high purity nitrous oxide gas and CO2 gas, Competitive price for our customers. For more information, please contact us directly, We believe we can help your product more competitive to win the market.

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