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Do you know the difference between the Soda Charger and Cream Charger?

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Do you know the difference between the Soda Charger and Cream Charger?

N2O cream chargers and CO2 soda chargers, They are both used as the food additives in the market, Which confused by many people, especially the 8g types, because both have the 8g filled gas, they look very similar. If there is no description on the box or packed by the blank packaging, many people cant recognize them. Let's learn about their differences.

What is a soda charger?

The soda charger is a small steel tank filled with pure carbon dioxide (CO2). It is filled with compressed liquid gas, which is usually used in the commercial food industry and families who love carbonated drinks.

The soda charger is combined with CO2 soda siphon and liquid to make a new carbonated drink. Carbon dioxide is released at once and bubbles are produced in our drinks.

Generally, CO2 and water do not mix naturally, because their CO2 is insoluble in water.

How does a soda charger work? This is due to the pressure at which liquid and gas combine when forced to mix.

Even if CO2 is temporarily dissolved in liquid due to pressure, the time for the beverage to keep CO2 bubbling is limited. This is because once the mixture is released to normal pressure, carbon dioxide will escape from the liquid and combine with other CO2 particles. This results in fewer bubbles in the remaining liquid, which is why carbonated drinks will fade.

What is a N2O cream chargers?

Although they look the same when packaged, soda water chargers are very different from cream chargers.

N2O in the food industry is recognized as food-grade nitrous oxide and referenced as a food additive under code E942.

The Nitrous oxide can dissolve in fat when whip under pressure – this is why liquid cream with a fat content of approx. 27% can easily be whipped using a N2O cream charger, Well, the process is quite simple and fast. Whatever you intend to the nitrous oxide gas is placed into the bottle of the dispenser this is then made pressure-tight when the head is screwed down. The N2O charger canister which contains 8 grams laughing gas is use to pressurize the liquid cream and force the Nitrous oxide gas to dissolve into it.The culinary world is perhaps the sector where people use N2O the most and whipped cream the most general application. Nevertheless, the magic does not stop with whipped cream. N2O allows many chefs, bakers, and bartenders to create not just delicious cream but also a range of foams, sauces, infusions, and creative cocktail toppings.

When you need purchase the suitable food additive, pls check what you want to make? If you want to make some cakes or desserts, You need choose the N2O cream chargers to whip cream. Of course, you need use the N2O chargers with the cream dispensers or regulators then. If you want to make the beverage soda drinks, You need purchase the CO2 soda chargers, you can purchase the soda machine to use together too.Both of them cant be used by single, They need be used with other tools together.

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