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Dont forget these four key points when purchasing bulk nitrous oxide tanks.

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Dont forget these four key points when purchasing bulk nitrous oxide tanks.

As a common kitchen tool for whipping cream, N2O cream chargers are used by more and more people, mainly because they can help us whipping cream quickly and safely. What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing N2O chargers?

Here are some key considerations when purchasing the bulk N2O cream charger:

#1 Compatibility with Whipper dispensers

When you prepare delicious desserts, if you want to add some fresh cream to the desserts, you will probably use the cream dispenser to fill your light cream with N2O gas. At this time, the nitrous oxide tank you purchased should be compatible with your cream dispenser. Because the N2O cream chargers can only be used through the cream dispenser.

Fortunately, most N2O cream chargers are compatible with most types of cream dispensers! For 8g N2O chargers, you only need to put 8g N2O chargers into the dispenser for direct use. For large filling N2O tanks, you need a pressure regulator to connect two devices!

#2 Choose household and commercial nitrous oxide tanks

Household or commercial use actually depends on the amount of cream you want to whip. If you are a large family and the parties are continuous, you need the cream constantly. You can choose a large capacity commercial N2O tanks 580g, 615g and 640g types.Which are commonly used in the market, they can save you a lot of time and costs.

If you are just a small family, occasionally use the cream, and do not need to whip cream frequently, you can choose the 8g N2O cream cartridges.In the market, There are generally packed 10, 24, and 50 N2O cartridges in one box,You can purchase different quantities of packaging boxes according to your actual situation, which can ensure that the cream you whip are always fresh and wont wasted.

#3 Look for N2O Cream Charger made in China

If you plan to purchase from China, you need to find a original factory. Because this type of product is very strict in the production and transportation process, not all factories are qualified to produce this type of product, because the factory need to get the government approval license. If you find a middleman, it is difficult for you to completely receive the goods you want, so if you purchase from China, the original factory is the first choice.

Our factory XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. We are mainly supply the 8g,580g,615g,640g N2O cream chargers. we can support you the filled N2O cream chargers with the pressure regulator. And we cooperated with many famous brands, Because of the government policy to the goods export. So usually most of client will use their own brand, and we are pleased to support our clients their own design too.Anyway, we will support what we can do for all our clients.

#4 What to consider as a wholesaler

If you are a wholesaler and face different factories, how do you choose a supplier for yourself ? At this time, you can consider a big brand or a factory who cooperated with many famous brands. Of course,If you want to make your own brand, you can ask the factory to help design too, which is also conducive to expanding the local market. At the same time, the price should also be considered, so that you can occupy a certain position in the market.

If you are currently confused about where to buy a cream charger, Same as the last key, need find the original factory, You can choose our XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd. Because we cooperated with many famous brands and we can support our client high purity nitrous oxide gas with cheaper price.

Our Happy Whip can provide 8g, 580g, 615g and 640g of N2O cream chargers. Our Nitrous oxide cream charger contains the purest food grade nitrous oxide gas, which meets the production quality and safety standards.


Ganzhou XingYe Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a legal factory and comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D,design production and sales of Nitrous oxide cream chargers and CO2 cartridges,which is located in Ganzhou city, JiangXi Province,China.

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