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How do Whipping Siphons work?

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How do Whipping Siphons work?

Whipping siphons, which named as the N2O cream dispenser or kitchen siphons,They are appliances used to turn any liquid we put inside into a mousse. For instance, you can use it for much more than preparing whipped cream. Whether you use it for making fresh soda, speeding up marinating, infusing fruit, or topping a dish with foam or flavor or textural contrast.

Nitrous Oxide Cartridges and Whipping Siphons

At its most basic, a whipping siphon is just a metal or stainless steel container used to pressurize liquids or aerate creams with a high-fat percentage. Right at this point, during the pressurization process, is where nitrous oxide cartridges, also called ‘canisters,’ become useful and make this utensil even more enjoyable.nitrous oxide acts as a propellant gas or whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser.

Parts of a Cream Siphon:

A metal bottle or container where the liquid we pour the mix (e.g., cream)

The head. Inside the head are the head valve and a rubber gasket that helps secure the head when tightening and keeps the dissolved gas from escaping.

The handle or lever of the bottle. Tip: Hold the siphon upside down to help the gas propel the liquid from the siphon.

The cartridge holder. Here is where we insert the N2O charge or cartridge.

The nozzle adapter. This part is where we place the decoration nozzle. The nozzle can come in many shapes, most commonly in a tulip or start shape.

How to use the whipping siphons?

First, make sure your siphon is clean to use. The presence of solid particles, even the tiniest, can block the valve. If you prepare different batches of whipped cream, clean between uses with warm water and a proper brush. All parts of the siphon have to be dismantled and cleaned.

Pour the mix and close the bottle.

Insert the capsule into the cartridge holder and secure it very well. You will hear a slight click that means the cartridge is pierced. This is the signal of ‘ready-to-use.’

Shake gently for a few seconds and let the gas binds to the fat molecules of the cream.

Turn the siphon upside down. By this moment, a nozzle has already been placed in the nozzle adapter.

Now it is time to press the handle to release the aerated mix.

The whipped cream finished.

we know how to use the hipping siphons, which help us use the N2O cream chargers to work with them, For the N2O cream chargers, it is the Nitrous oxide, which used as the propellant gas for the food industry, the nitrous oxide must be the high quality, food-grade, So the legal original factory is the first choose.

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