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How to make Keto diet whipping cream faster?

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How to make Keto diet whipping cream faster?

Keto diet is very poplar diet for more and more people, especially the fat people.

“Low carbs, High fats, Middle Protein” is the main ideal of the Keto diet.But a low carb diet doesn’t mean bland desserts. Add a touch of delicious magic to all your low carb desserts with this easy to make keto whipped cream.


1 cup/250ml cold heavy or whipping cream

¼ teaspoon low calorie sweetener (optional)

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

Kitchen tools:

A large bowl preferably metal or glass, which retains colder temperatures better than plastic.

Measuring spoons and cup or kitchen scale.

To whip the cream: Use either an electric or stand mixer, immersion blender (stick blender), or food processor. If you do not have the above equipment, you can use a balloon whisk. Whipping the cream with a balloon whisk might take a few minutes longer compared to an electric or stand mixer.Of course, if you want whip the cream faster, you can use the N2O cream cartridges and the N2O cream tanks.


Chill the bowl in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before using.

Add the cold cream into the chilled bowl.

Any sweetener and flavouring can be added at this stage if using.

Turn the beater on to a low setting to start whipping the cream. The cream is liquid at this stage, so start whipping the cream at a low setting prevents splattering.

As the cream begins to thicken (about 4 minutes into beating) you can turn the speed up to a medium setting.Continue beating until the cream reaches the desired consistency.

Soft peaks are usually achieved within 3 to 4 minutes of beating. You will notice that when you lift up the beaters the cream holds its shape except that the tip of the peak curls over on itself. This consistency is perfect for topping on berries, fruit, beverages and smoothies.

Firm peaks are achieved within 5 minutes of beating. This is when beaters or whisk leaves distinct tracks/lines in the cream while beating.  Stiff peaks are formed as the beaters are lifted off the cream. This consistency is great when piping decorative swirls as the cream holds its shape for up to 24 hours when refrigerated.

If use the 8g Nitrous oxide cartridges or the N2O cream tanks, You need use with the cream dispenser and the pressure regulators.

For the 8g Nitrous oxide cartridges, You only add the ingredients to the cream dispensers, Then shake the dispensers some seconds, then you can get the fresh whipped cream.

For the N2O cream tanks, like the 580g, 615g and 640g cream tanks, You need use the cream dispenser and the pressure regulator together, The pressure regulator used to control the amount of the nitrous oxide usage, and keep the high pressure nitrous oxide gas be the relax, and have enough space to mix well with the ingredients inside of the cream dispensers. After seconds shake. You can get the whipped cream soon too.

After checking these kitchen tools, the faster whipping cream way must be the N2O cartridges and the N2O cream tanks, And more and more people take the N2O cream chargers be the usual tool in the kitchen.

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