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How To Use Nitrous Oxide Tank With Pressure Regulator?

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How To Use Nitrous Oxide Tank With Pressure Regulator?

Food-grade nitrous oxide tank is specially designed for culinary use. It features a specific design that fits standard cream whippers. However, knowing about the right pressure is the most important thing to achieve the desired texture of any dish. And knowing how to safely use the regulator of 580g whip cream chargers is equally important.

In this article, I am going to explain how to use them with pressure regulators.

A Tank of Nitrous Oxide Is Better Than A Canister

When you're planning to buy nitrous oxide for your restaurant or a catering event, you may always think about the small whip cream canisters for the first time as they may help save your time. Actually, a large nitrous oxide tank could be a helper to meet your needs.

Food-grade nitrous oxide is usually filled in the steel cylinder with 580 grams of quantity. It meets stringent international standards for superior and consistent performance, safety, and quality, further as environmentally responsible practices and its unique nozzle design doesn't suffer quality problems that are normally caused by poor orientation. The very fact that the nozzle is created of plastic means its superior anti-corrosion properties and doesn't wear out easily.

The 580g nitrous oxide tank is perfectly suitable for large-scale cocktail preparation and catering events. It is more user-friendly than an individual cream charger canister. More importantly, it allows you to regulate the exact amount of gas released in one go.

580g Tank of Nitrous Oxide Applications

Discussed below are some of the applications:

Itmay have any questions about 580g N2O chargers and common 8g whipped cream chargers. Their uses are similar, expect the 580g product has a higher content and is more convenient.

Worry-free, fast, consistently stunning. It produces fluffy hills of whipped cream that is free from additives.

It is food grade nitrous oxide. It uses culinary grade nitrous oxide gas which hardly affects the taste of the cream, which is fun for you to prepare the cream at home.

It is best for topping off in beverages, desserts, or creating luscious foams and sauces on any kind of mixture.

Comes with a pressure regulator, it is perfect for very high volume commercial use for more production.

How Much Pressure Used in A Whipped Cream Dispneser

It is important to know the required pressure for getting the best result in making many dishes, infusions, or drinks. The pressure regulator allows you to precisely tailor the pressure to achieve perfection all the time.

Here are three important components of a whipped cream charging system:

Pressure Regulator:

They release nitrous cartridges exactly to the amount you need and avoid gas waste.


The adapter connected to the Great Whip pressure regulator is used to convert any cream dispenser to be compatible with the nitrous oxide tank.

Filling Hose: 

The filling hose is made of anti-exploded PU materials to guarantee that the gas passes through safely.

However, you may be desired to know how much N2O gas should be put in your cream whipper varying from cream volume. Here are answers from this pressure table:

Great Whip Nitrous Oxide Tank - How Does It Work?

Now you are hassle-free to see how much pressure you will need and get full control over portion sizes and N2O usage by using a pressure regulator. Let's learn how to use step by step:

Pour Contents Into The Cream Whipper.

Prepare the contents of your recipes, put them into the dispenser, and then shut the lid down.

Connect The Pressure Regulator Into The noz tank.

Screw your pressure regulator onto the cylinder by constantly rotating. When it is tightened, stop.

Connect The Filling Hose To Both The Regulator And The Dispenser.

Press the black silicone seal to let the hose in. And joint the screw thread part to the dispenser.

Rotate the regulator when finished installation.

Slightly change the regulator to the direction of releasing gas. By the time you see the pointer move, the regulator starts to release N2O gas.

Decide What Pressure You Need. (PSI)

Then set the valve for required working pressure by turning the knob during a clockwise motion.

Shake Your Whipped Cream Dispenser.

After completing the gas infusion, simply shake your whipper to get the gas evenly distributed for a few seconds, 4-5 times.

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