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How to Use the N2O cream chargers to make Cold Mango foam recipe?

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How to Use the N2O cream chargers to make Cold Mango foam recipe?

Cold foam is the most commonly used foam. Perfect for giving your dessert an extra taste. This recipe of mango foam is considered basic foam.

What you need?

– Blender

– Whisk

– Whipped cream despenser

– N2O cream chargers

– Sieve


– 200 g mango pulp

– 100 ml lukewarm water

– 2 gelatine sheets


How to do?

Dissolve the gelatine leaves in lukewarm water. 100 ml should be fine.

Put the mango pulp in the blender and make sure it becomes a fine puree. Add the dissolved gelatin leaves and whisk the ingredients well in a bowl with a whisk. The mixture can be passed through a filter and poured into the whipped cream syringe. Be sure to connect your N2O Cream Charger and charge it to 10 bar. Shake the cream siphon for 10 seconds to distribute the gas evenly. And then let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour.

So there is a very important tool: N2O cream chargers. Honest, it is the most used to whip cream in the kitchen, Let's know more about them.

What is the N2O cream chargers?

Nitrous oxide gas is formed into a high-pressure liquid and then loaded into a steel cylinder, which can also be called N2O Cream chargers,used for many purposes, depending on your needs, but they are mainly used for two purposes in the market, one for medical use and the other for food additives.

How the N2O cream chargers work?

In the market, the N2O cream chargers are very easy to purchase, There are many different types for choose, 8g N2O cartridges, 580g/615g/640g cream chargers tanks, And there are many famous brands too. Like the fast gas, smartwhip, Cream deluex,Exoit whip, Happywhip etc. You can choose the suitable one according to your requirements.

When using the N2O cream chargers, You need the cream dispenser to match with, And for the bigger capacitiy, for the safe usage. the related pressure regulator is the necessary. So pls dont forget to the purchase the cream dispenser and the pressure regulator too.

Where to purchaes the N2O cream chargers in bulk?

GanZhou XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd.We are one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. We are mainly supply the N2O cream chargers like 8g /580g/615g/640g capacities and the CO2 cartridges, Pressure regulators etc. If you want to purchase the Fast gas N2O chargers in china with wholesale price. Welcome to send us the enquiry.

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