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How to use the N2O cream chargers to support the decorated cream?

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How to use the N2O cream chargers to support the decorated cream?

On the birthday, the decorated cream cake is the first choice of many users, mainly because it looks more beautiful than the ordinary cream cake and has more appetite,

Let’s to check how to make the decorated cream.

Materials for the decorated cream cake:

One eight-inch Qifeng cake

One six-inch Qifeng cake

Cream 1000g

Sugar 80g

1 mango

Half pitaya

Production details:

Step 1

Bake an eight-inch and six-inch Qifeng cake first

Step 2

700 grams of cream and 50 grams of muslin sugar to be framed

Step 3

Cut the pitaya into small pieces and put it into a sieve. Press out the juice with a spoon

Step 4

Add 10 grams of sugar to 100 grams of cream, slowly add more fire dragon juice to make dark pink cream, add 20 grams of sugar to 200 grams of cream and add a small amount of fire dragon juice to make light cream. If the whipped cream has not been used, put it in the refrigerator to avoid melting.

Step 5

Each cake should be cut into three pieces, and each piece should be coated with cream and mango before being put down.

Step 6

Coat the surface and sides of the two cakes with cream respectively, and then put the six-inch cake in the middle of the eight-inch cake. Because you don't need to set the cake on the surface very well.

Step 7

Put white cream into the decoration bag and use the flower basket nozzle to frame the stripes from bottom to top on the bottom periphery.

Step 8

Put dark pink cream into the flower mounting bag and use the five-year-old flower mouth to mount a circle of flowers, and then use the light cream to mount the pattern until the cake is mounted. Use the flower mouth to squeeze small flowers in the gap. Just put on the decorative plate.

Butter pasting requires not only good patience, but also good cream. In fact, cream pasting is a time-consuming and labor-intensive step in cake making. In fact, you can try to use N2O cream chargers. In the market, N2O charger tanks are more popular especially 580 g, 615 g and 640 g, let's take a look at how the N2O charger tanks used.


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