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How to use the pressure regulator to whip cream by 580g, 615g and 640g N2O cream chargers tanks?

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How to use the pressure regulator to whip cream by 580g, 615g and 640g N2O cream chargers tanks?

Now the market are more popular for the bigger cream tanks. like the 580g,615g and 640g cream chargers tanks.But for these bigger cream chargers, it used not simple as the 8g cream chargers. It need add the pressure regulators to do.

Let’s learn how to use the pressure regulator to whip cream by the bigger cream tanks.

Step 1. Prepare the pressure regulator and all its accessories (filler hose and adapter).

Step 2. Prepare your cream dispenser and make sure it is cleaned before usage, To prevent solid particles from damaging our cream cream or blocking the valve!

Step 3. Check the rubber washer in the head of the cream dispenser. The position shall be correct to avoid gas leakage.

Step 4. Pour the prepared milk cream into the cream dispenser, and then screw the head tightly.

Step 5. When the cream dispenser is ready, place it on the table. Then connect our regulator to the happywhip cream tank. screw the regulator onto the valve of the tank until you think it is secure

Step 6. The next step is to connect one side of the filling hose to the pressure regulator and the other part to the cream dispenser. Both parts need to be tightened well to ensure that there is no air leakage. At the same time, slowly open the valve of the regulator to make the regulator pressure express to 20 bar. Close the valve when this value is reached.

Step 7. After the previous step, we can finally open the filling hose to let nitrous oxide gas pass through. Let the nitrous oxide gas last for about 30 seconds first.

Step 8. Close the filling hose, disconnect it from the cream dispenser, and gently shake the bottle for a few seconds. This action will effectively combine the gas to the fat molecules of the cream.

Step 9. Place a decorative nozzle in the nozzle adapter. You can choose according to your own preferences.

Step 10. Press the handle of the cream dispenser freely to release the mixture. In this way, you can use the whipped cream.

Kindly check the following design drawing of the pressure regulator used for the N2O cream tanks.

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