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Is it illegal to use the Nitrous oxide cream chargers?

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Is it illegal to use the Nitrous oxide cream chargers?

Nitrous oxide gas is a colorless and sweet chemical gas, also called laughing gas. It is an oxidant, chemical formula N2O. It can support combustion under certain conditions, but it is stable at room temperature and has a slight anesthetic effect. Its anesthetic effect was discovered by British chemist Humphrey David in 1799. The gas was used for anesthesia in dental surgery at an early stage, and is now used for anesthesia and analgesia in surgery and dentistry. The name of "laughing gas" is because inhaling it can make people feel happy and laugh.

Nitrous oxide is formed into a high-pressure liquid and then loaded into a steel cylinder, which can also be called N2O Cream chargers,used for many purposes, depending on your needs, but they are mainly used for two purposes in the market, one for medical use and the other for food additives.

Drug Use of Cream Charger

The Cream Charger is a high pressure filled liquid nitrous oxide. On the market, they have various shapes, tastes and sizes. The main difference are the capacities. The popular capacities are 8g, 580g, 615g, 640g, etc. N2O Cream chargers have many uses,They depend on your needs. It is most commonly used as a food additive to whip cream safe and quickly in a short time. Normally, an 8g nitrous oxide cartridge is contained in a cream dispenser. If it is a large capacity nitrous oxide tank, it needs to be used together with a cream dispenser and a pressure regulator.

Nitrous oxide can also be used as a sedative to slow down people's perception of time and body. However, the use of this drug without professional supervision will lead to accidents and hallucinations. When cream chargers are used for entertainment purposes, they will be referred to as informal chargers, whippets chargers, nos chargers or cream chargers. Inhalation of nitrous oxide will make people feel relaxed, happy, joyful and dizzy. It is illegal to supply or provide a cream charger or nitrous oxide for human inhalation.

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