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What Are the Dangers of CO2 Cartridges?

Views: 202     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-05-15      Origin: Site


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What Are the Dangers of CO2 Cartridges?

Flat bicycle tires, nail and paintball guns, soda makers, and CO2 cartridges may all be swiftly filled. Although they are useful, they can become hazardous if misused or stored incorrectly. Due of their unpredictable nature, airlines prohibit CO2 cartridges from being brought on board airplanes unless they are coupled to life jackets or artificial limbs.

Unpredictable Explosion

A the breakdown CO2 cannister in someone's luggage might have disastrous effects on an aircraft in flight, especially if it was close to any crucial instruments. If an abrupt shift in air pressure were to take place, it is highly likely that a CO2 cartridge would spontaneously explode. Although there is a little probability that this may happen, airlines cannot take the danger, hence CO2 cartridges must be supplied by ground. Due to the slight possibility of an unintentional explosion, even ground-shipped canisters are classified as hazardous materials and are not authorized to be used in certain tunnels.

Deadly Inhalation

Some people mistake CO2 canisters for nitrous oxide canisters, which are used in whipped cream dispensers. Nitrous oxide inhalation is prohibited, exceedingly dangerous, and can result in significant health issues, but some people do it to feel "high." When CO2 is inhaled from a CO2 canister, the victim suffocates to death. Any quantity breathed prevents oxygen from reaching the brain. Although breathing either is risky, individuals can confuse CO2 canisters with nitrous oxide canisters, nearly insuring death or at the absolute least, brain damage.

One Shot Only

If you're using a CO2 canister to inflate a flat when road cycling, you have just one chance to get it right. Once the canister is activated, it cannot be reused. If you're out on a long ride or in a race, and are unlucky enough to have multiple flats, you'll need more than one canister -- which means more to carry. Even if you do have more than one but botch reinflating your tire, you'll be left with no fail safe should you get another flat later in your ride. Carrying a mini-pump in addition to or in lieu of CO2, ensures you'll always have the ability to get going again -- provided you have enough tubes, too.

Storage Specifications

CO2 cartridges are more susceptible to spontaneous explosion when exposed to high temperatures. Keep them in a cool and dry space, away from direct heat and sunlight. Store them upright, and prevent them from rolling around often or bumping into other stored cartridges or objects.


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