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Where the CO2 soda chargers used?

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Where the CO2 soda chargers used?

Something about carbon dioxide.

**What is carbon dioxide?

Carbon dioxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas at room temperature. It consists of one part carbon and two parts oxygen. The chemical formula is CO ∈, with the formula amount of 44.01. It is one of the carbon oxides, commonly known as carbonate gas, also known as carbonic anhydride or carbonic anhydride. It is a colorless and odorless gas at room temperature, slightly denser than air, soluble in water (1 volume of H ∈ O can dissolve 1 volume of CO ∈), and generates carbonic acid. Solid carbon dioxide, commonly known as dry ice, can absorb a lot of heat during sublimation, so it can be used as a refrigerant, such as artificial rainfall, and is often used to create smoke in dance (dry ice sublimation absorbs heat, liquefied water vapor in air).

Fundamentally, it is one of the basic gases on the earth, because plants use it to produce carbohydrates in photosynthesis.

In addition, at room temperature, the carbon dioxide phase has no effect; Above 1700 ° C (3100 ° F), it will partially decompose into carbon monoxide and oxygen.

**Carbon dioxide is sold commercially worldwide under the pressure of steel cylinders or bottles called cans. What is a CO2 cylinder?

The CO2 or CO2 cylinder is a steel/metal cylinder that compresses CO2 in liquid form. Unlike most standard gases, the contents of CO2 cylinders are liquid, i.e. "liquefied under pressure"

The CO2 cylinder pressure is about 860psi at average room temperature.

Always store CO2 cylinders upright. Never place or store anything on a CO2 cylinder or mini bulk container, or store a CO2 tank near a flame or in any place emitting high heat.

**The most common use of CO2 cylinders

You can do all kinds of things with carbon dioxide tanks. The most popular uses include carbonated beverages, entertainment, catering and fire fighting.

Usually in summer, almost everyone likes a refreshing and delicious soda,And the CO2 cylinder will be used as the CO2 soda chargers. but it also brings some side effects. For example, the increased risk of obesity is one of the most significant disadvantages of drinking carbonated beverages.

Sugary carbonated drinks will add calories to your diet, which may increase your risk of overweight and obesity.

**Where can I buy high-quality and cheaper CO2 soda chargers in china ?

If you are a novice in the beverage industry or want to impress your friends and family with carbonated drinks, you must go to a regular factory to purchase them. The country has strict requirements on the factory for this type of gas, which requires various audits. Not every factory is qualified for this kind of production.

XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the CO2 soda chargers in china.Our CO2 soda chargers meet various national production standards. As the source factory, we can control the quality and provide customers with low prices.

We have different specifications of CO2 cartridges and can customize relevant products according to customer requirements.

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