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Why it is a piece of cake to make professional whipped cream?

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Why it is a piece of cake to make professional whipped cream?

Many people will do the desserts by themselves. but to avoid disappointment over your desserts! Maybe you should know the secrets of the professionals and how your whipped cream could be a match for the velvety, whipped cream, foams and espumas that are severed in Michelin star restaurants.

Whats the secret? It is simple: it’s all in the N2O cream charger. Your cream charger determines the taste, texture and longevity of your whipped cream, so making sure it’s of the highest quality is essential.

In the market, You will know these brands like "Mosa, Liss and QuickWhip,Happywhip" They are very famous brands in the cream chargers market.

So how do these cream canisters bring your whipped cream to delicious perfection? By combining a cream charger with a whipped cream dispenser, adding powdered sugar to taste, it takes just a matter of minutes for the transformation to take place.If you use our Happywhip 8g N2O cartridges, Just follow these easy steps as follows:

1) Remove the head of your dispenser, pour in the whipping cream appropriate to its size, along with sweetener or powdered sugar to your taste, and replace head.

2) Locate and unscrew the cartridge holder. Slot in your chosen cream charger, round end first, allowing the charger’s tip to be punctured as you screw the holder back on.

3) Shake the dispenser 3 times, enabling the N2O to filter through the mixture. Do not over-shake.

4) Turn the dispenser upside down and squeeze the handle to effortlessly bring your whipped cream dreams to life!

So where to purchase the N2O cream chargers in bulk?

XingYe chemical Co.,Ltd is the one of the leading original factory for the N2O cream chargers in china. If you interested in the bigger N2O tanks, we can support you the filled N2O cream chargers with the pressure regulator. We will show you the safety goods and safely operation.



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