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5 Best Ways to Use a Whipped Cream Charger

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5 Best Ways to Use a Whipped Cream Charger

What is achievable at home and in commercial kitchens has unquestionably been greatly and radically increased by the advancement of gourmet techniques, standards, and technologies. Globally recognized molecular gastronomy is based on the interaction between textures and flavors. The Whipped Cream Charger is one such excellent item that cooks in this area frequently employ to get excellent results and high-level food aesthetics.

N2O whipped cream chargers have a wide range of uses, especially in the food and beverage industry, due to their capacity to discharge pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) gas into a liquid to aerate it effectively and safely. The top five culinary uses for N2O cream chargers, which you may easily test at home, are listed below.

Whipped Cream:

Creating high-quality whipped cream is the most popular everyday application of N2O cream chargers. When you liberate the NO2 canister into whipping cream, it reacts with the gelatine, fats, or other stabilizing agents, leading to a foamy texture. Since N2O occurs naturally in our atmosphere, it’s possible to develop whipped cream manually. However, creating whipped cream using N2O cylinders is much easier and faster than the manual process. And not to mention, the resulting whipped cream is incomparable in terms of quality.

Mousses and Desserts:

If you have ever spent some time attempting to whip up the ideal mousse, you know that it is no easy feat. Like whipped cream, which involves some science to achieve perfection, developing perfect mousse is a tricky act of balancing, in which you have to make sure your peaks are just firm enough to serve the purpose. Thankfully, this process becomes as easy as pie with a cream whippet.

Alcoholic Cocktails:

Espumas and foams are aesthetically alluring to a broad range of cocktails. However, the conventional method of preparing them –shaking egg whites in a shaker – is time-consuming and somewhat messy. Moreover, the egg white foam is generally tasteless and doesn’t smell great. A 615 g cream charger lets you add aroma, panache, and zing to your alcoholic drinks easily and quickly during rush hours in a bar or when you have too many guests to serve at your home party.

Infusing Alcohol, Sauce, Oil, Marinades, and Syrup:

Applying the same principle as above, you can use cream chargers to infuse alcohol with the specific taste of your choice – and the technique isn’t just restricted to liquor. By putting the desired ingredients in the container of a whipped cream dispenser and injecting them with pressurized nitrous oxide gas, you can quickly catalyze the infusion process in sauces, oils, syrups, or marinades. What traditionally takes around two weeks to complete can be achieved in just minutes.

Carbonated Drinks:

Cream chargers function on the same fundamental principle as soda streams, with the only difference in the type of gas used. While the former uses nitrous oxide (N2O), the latter uses carbon dioxide (CO2). Incidentally, you can easily replace one with the other and make use of a whipped cream charger to prepare deliciously sparkling juices in your favorite flavors. You can even create natural carbonated juices using real fruits if you wish.

For people with a passion for everything culinary and those who love to experiment with various dishes and drinks,615gr Cream Charger is an excellent way to explore countless gastronomic possibilities in their kitchen. Interestingly, another significant application of whipped cream chargers is an oxidizing agent in hybrid rocket engines. However, it is a more specialized use of nitrous oxide that requires appropriate training, education, and experience – which means it's not your cup of tea.

So, continue using your 615g N2O cream chargers to play around with your favorite culinary preparations, and you will never run out of possibilities.


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