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How to avoid mistakes to whip perfect Cream by N2O cream canisters?

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How to avoid mistakes to whip perfect Cream by N2O cream canisters?

The N2O cream canisters and N2O cream tanks used more and more popular to whip cream.But how to make the perfect cream chargers?

There are some mistakes you need pay attention to.

#1 Use Heavy Cream to whip the perfect cream

Since light cream doesn’t have enough fat to create great peaks, we recommend using heavy cream with over 35% fat content. High-fat content is essential because it allows the cream to get stiff.

If you a vegan person?But pls don’t worry! Many vegan dairy alternatives contain high amounts of fat, such as coconut cream, which you can use to make whipped cream. Pls avoid using “half and half” or whole milk for beating. Because that they don’t contain enough fat to hold air bubbles upon whipping.

#2 Failure to Chill Your Heavy Cream before use

Usually when we eat the cream, we found most of them are cold. Why is that? Chilling the heavy cream (ideally with a minimum of 35-40% fat content) is essential to get a creamy and airy whipped cream.the first mistake to avoid is not to chill the heavy cream in the fridge for 20 minutes before using it.

You should also not start beating when the heavy cream is still warm.

If possible, consider chilling your bowl, beaters, or whisk for the best result.So keep the heavy cream on the refrigerator.

#3 Failure to Add the Sugar at the right time.

Do you add sugar to your heavy cream mixture when you start beating? Don’t do this anymore. Sugar can constrain the cream from thickening.

Add the sugar when the cream is thickened, just before the soft peak stage. Preferably powdered sugar for a better end.  

Usually when the cream is thick enough to stay firm on the whisk while checking the consistency.

#4 Not Adding the Right Quantity of Sugar

The quantity of sugar may not ruin your whipped cream, But not the suitable quantity, it may not deliver you the desired taste.

If planning to prepare one or two cups of whipped cream, we recommend you apply two tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar, honey, or maple syrup.

#5 You Are Not Using The Proper cream dispenser to whip cream.

Just as a poor-quality hair straightener can damage your hair, the right tools can keep you from the perfect whipped cream.

We want utensils that help us incorporate more air into the whipping cream.So in the market, the aluminium alloy material cream dispenser are the most popular now. Of course, someone will use the hand mixer,It can get you where you want. Don’t forget to use a proper bowl to avoid getting dirty from all the splatter.

#6 You Failed to Stabilize Whipped Cream in Hot Weather

Regardless of how perfectly your final cream is, it will likely flatten out or melt soon if the weather is humid and hot. Hence, adding a stabilizer to your whipping cream is vital. It allows the latter to hold its volume and shape, even when the weather is somewhat humid and hot.

#7 Whip the heavey cream too many times

Your perfectly whipped cream may soon become a grainy liquid mess if you fail to stop beating over a particular point.

Start on low speed and gradually increase the intensity as it gets thicker. Whipped cream goes from soft to firm peaks in the blink of an eye. We don’t want to overdo the work.

#8  Whip Cream in a Hurry

Whipped cream is, without a doubt, a quick dish, but it does not mean you need to make it in a hurry or that you should not be paying attention. We suggest you stay near your mixer (if not hand mixer) to avoid your cream becoming butter. If you need to multitask while preparing whipped cream, it will help to use a hand whisk even to control consistency.

#9  Using the Whipped Cream Immediately

After whipping cream by the N2O canisters,Please dont pipe your whipped cream onto a cake or dessert, which is still hot – else, your cream will melt immediately. If you know that your dessert will take some time to cool down to room temperature, you can store your whipped cream in the refrigerator. It will stay outstanding for the next few hours.

So when whipping the cream by N2O canisters, You can pay much more attention these mistakes, And avoid them.

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