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How to Use the N2O cream chargers to make Rich Chocolate cream?

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How to Use the N2O cream chargers to make Rich Chocolate cream?

This rich cholocate recipe cream is so rich and decadent that it's unbelievable how good it tastes. With the combination of fine dark chocolate, whipped cream and a creamy yet bitter aftertaste, It is very popular when used as the afternoon tea. Let's to learn how to make?


150g good quality plain dark chocolate (preferably 65% or above) at room temperature

150ml whipping cream

1tbsp caster sugar

For the Hot Chocolate Base:

400ml full fat milk

2tbsp cocoa

2tbsp condensed milk (or you can use sugar)


One whipped cream dispenser

One 8g N2O cream charger or 640g N2O cream tanks (Depends on how many rich chocolate cream you need whip)


Put the cream and sugar into a pan and heat until it is just about to boil.

Chop the chocolate into small pieces and combine with the cream in a bowl and cover. Let the mixture steam for 10 minutes then remove the cover and whisk to combine. You will notice that the chocolate has melted.

Put the mixture in a whipped cream dispenser after straining and charge with one cream charger. Turn the whipping dispenser upside down and shake well to make sure it is properly mixed, around 20-25 vigorous shakes should do!

Heat the milk with the cocoa and condensed milk in a pan until it boils; Once it does, remove from the heat, strain, and pour into three cups.

Using a thin nozzle on your whipping dispenser, add 1/3rd of the chocolate cream mixture to each cup.

The delicious chocolate cream recipe finished. You can share with your family.

So if you want whip the chocolate cream faster, the N2O cream chargers are very important for usage. 

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