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Nitrous oxide cream charger and cream cartridges

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Nitrous oxide cream charger and cream cartridges

Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers Versus Cream Cartridges

For your hospitality company or event, we advise using big Cream Chargers rather than tiny Cream cartridges if you want nitrous oxide in larger amounts or numbers. The final ones frequently arrive in 8 to 16 gr.

A single cream siphon can be charged with the aid of such a canister. With your dispenser, no more than two or three cartridges should be used. Avoid charging your siphon excessively!

A bigger Cream Charger is made up of 580gr, 615gr, or even 640gr in parallel. Consider two kilogram or more cylinders to be more significant than this format.  

Therefore, a bigger Cream Charger of the desired capacity will suffice if you need to spend the entire evening regularly filling your syringe to prepare delectable delicacies.

The durability of Cream Chargers versus Cream Cartridges

The cream cartridge carries 8 to 16 grams, while a bigger nitrous oxide cream charger has 580 grams. In other words, how much it has will determine how long it will last. For example, a Cream Charger weighing 615 grams is equivalent to more than 80 canisters.

Typically, this aspect will influence whether you choose to choose a small cream charger or a large cream charger. It depends on you and what you need. Instead of handling one single piece that is just larger, at least you now have an understanding of how much steel you are using and discarding.  

On top of the previous, you can think of transportation, operational, and production costs. Sometimes, a single cylinder of 615gr can represent less money to your wallet, and most importantly, less effort to your time.

N2O Cream Chargers save you space

When you purchase many small cartridges, it takes up space in your business, storage areas, or other places where you would want to store the nitrous oxide. By choosing a larger tank, you don't have to make orders as often, which saves a lot of storage space. Making fewer deliveries also saves on shipping costs.

Cost advantage when using cream chargers instead of cream cartridges

You spend, on average, 5 euros for a package of 10 cream cartridges containing 8 grams of nitrous oxide. According to a fast estimate, 580 grams cost 40 euros. A tank of 615 grams of N2O costs €27.99 at Fast Gas. So why would you choose to spend more money on 80 different cream cartridges that contain the same quantity of nitrous oxide?

User-Friendliness of Cream Chargers versus Cream Cartridges

Till this moment, we have outlined some reasons for you to believe in the benefit of larger Cream Chargers. But we haven’t mentioned just yet, the most significant detail: N2O tanks are more user-friendly than individual cream capsules.

For one, a tank of nitrous oxide allows you to regulate the exact amount of gas in one go. This aspect will enable you to charge your siphon quicker because you are not wasting time with the continuous replacement of cream cartridges.


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