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The Four Most Important Advantages of N2O Cream Chargers

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The Four Most Important Advantages of N2O Cream Chargers

We assume that if you are reading this guide, it is because you are at a crossroads. You are debating if you should be using N2O cream chargers or not. Well, do not go so hard on yourself. Luckily this guide will take you through the four most relevant benefits of using nitrous oxide cream chargers. At the end of it, you will be able to make your choice.

Benefits of Using N2O Cream Chargers

In the food or catering industry, N2O cream chargers do not escape the sight of chefs and other professionals, and we are happy it does not! N2O is highly useful for advanced culinary preparations or elementary ones.

But what are they? N2O cream chargers are small food-grade steel cartridges or larger cylinders containing pressurized nitrous oxide that acts as a whipping agent in preparing whipped cream.

N2O helps mixtures aerate and gain volume

Today it is possible to find a wide range of cream chargers in the market suitable for all needs. The smallest size and standard for most cream dispensers is 8g. Other sizes available are 580gr, 615g, and 640g. These last equal 80+ traditional canisters, for which a bigger cream charger results in an absolute recommendation.

However, let’s not get out of the way. Even when it is essential to know the sizes available in the market, it is more important to recognize the most relevant benefits of the N2O cream chargers. 

Here we point four you definitely will agree on

Valuable Gas to use in your kitchen:

Owing to its unique features, N2O can be seen as a gas and a great utensil since it comes in the form of canisters. When in the form of cylinders like Fast Gas 615gr, N2O allows you to prepare large batches of whipped cream or any other mixture in record time. Its genuine composition also collaborates, destroying the bacteria present in the mix.

Shelf life of whipped cream:

You can buy canned whipped cream or make it yourself. If you choose the second, it is good to know that the mix you prepare with cream cartridges remains fresh for a more extended period. You can store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about three days.

Money & Time-saving:

Previously, we mentioned the different sizes of N2O cream chargers in the market. The truth is that there is an actual advantage when using larger cylinders instead of purchasing the N2O cream chargers in bulk. Using nitrous oxide cylinders like Fast Gas 615gr allow you to optimize refilling time efforts and save a lot of money in logistics. Also, your customers will thank you for innovating your catalog.

Adding flavor differently:

Many N2O cream chargers wholesalers, both online and offline, offer taste beads or flavorings in a liquid presentation nowadays. Fast Gas itself has quite a few on stock but not available online; possible to acquire under request. Flavors such as pineapple, passion fruit, and watermelon make up part of the product range.

As an extra, if you favor caring for the environment, we recommend you use N2O cream chargers or larger ones. These last are better to lower and control waste. Larger cylinders are generally disposable.

Up to this point, we certainly have no more than wishing you good luck with choosing wisely. Nevertheless, we can not let you go without teaching you how to prepare whipped cream using cream chargers.

Preparing Whipped Cream with Whipped Cream Chargers in Minutes

To obtain high-quality whipped cream in less than half an hour, you must use the cream siphon and cream charger correctly.

The first step is to ensure your siphon doesn’t miss any essential parts.

Secondly, you need to check the compatibility of the N2O cream charger with your dispenser. It is possible the canister you are using does not fit in the cartridge holder, and that’s a problem.

Next, expecting you to have the mixture ready, start by unscrewing the head of the siphon and pouring the mix till it is limited. After pouring, check the head’s gasket in the interior and screw it again. Avoid overfilling the siphon to ensure the best results.

Once the head is secured, we can pass on placing/inserting the canister in the cartridge holder. When you tighten it well, you will hear a slight click that means the cartridge is pierced. This click is the signal of ‘ready-to-use.’

The next step is shaking gently for a few seconds to let the gas bind to the cream’s fat molecules. Right here, only two things left:

Turn the siphon upside down and press the handle to release the aerated mix. It is time to top your dessert!

Don't forget to release any remaining pressure in the siphon and unscrew the top of the siphon. Click here to learn how to use cream chargers and cream dispensers the right way.

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