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How to Use 580g Cream Chargers with Pressure Regulator?

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How to Use 580g Cream Chargers with Pressure Regulator?

A pressure regulator and 580g cream chargers are utilized, giving you more control over nitrous oxide consumption and portion management. Knowing the ideal pressure to use when creating a variety of foods, infusions, or beverages. Thanks to the pressure regulator, you can change the pressure to obtain perfection.

The following are three crucial actions you must take:

Step 1:Attach the Pressure Regulator

The pressure regulator must first be connected to the 580-gram nitrous oxide canister. When the canister is properly installed, the side with the label should have the functioning pressure gauge and the bottle pressure gauge facing it.

Your cream whipper should be connected to the connector provided with the regulator. The adaptor will alter your cream whipper so that it can function with the straightforward push connector that connects the filling hose to the regulator.

Step 2:Fill the Dispenser with Nitrous Oxide

After successfully attaching the pressure regulator, you may now fill the dispenser with the required amount of N2O. With a pressure regulator, limiting portion size is simple. A 50 ml chunk needs 5 bar, a 100 ml piece needs 6.5 bar, a 150 ml piece needs 8 bar, a 200 ml piece needs 10 bar, a 250 ml piece needs 12 bar, a 300 ml portion needs 13 bar, a 350 ml portion needs 14 bar, a 400 ml portion needs 16 bar, and a 450 ml portion needs 17 bar. Don't overfill the whipper with nitrous oxide to avoid wastage.

Once the appropriate amount of nitrous oxide has been released into the dispenser, you can remove the adapter and the filling hose. Reconnect the charging holder after that. Shake the dispenser ten to twenty times to fully mix the liquid whipped cream and N2O. Use the dispenser with the head down for optimal results.

Step3:Clean a Cream Charger When Finishing

By using the bottle's screw, remove the cap.

Please be advised that you shouldn't try to unscrew the head of the dispenser while it is full of nitrous oxide. Any extra gas that is remaining in the container should be released by pulling the lever. Next, remove the charging holder, safety cover, and nozzle and set them aside.

Remove any additional metal bases, if any are present.

Turn the dispenser head over and take off the flat gasket ring.

In order for the pressure valve stick to be completely removed, push it down.

Use a soft sponge or cloth and warm, soapy water to gently scrub the components until they are clean.

Take care to clean the pressure valve thoroughly, removing any trace of leftover cream or particles.

The whipper’s nozzle needs to be removed and cleaned if it will be kept in the refrigerator overnight.

Allow the cream whipper bottle to air dry before reassembling the parts as the most hygienic practice.

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