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Making Sweet Foams Using a Cream Siphon

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Making Sweet Foams Using a Cream Siphon

Desserts that are decorated with sugary foams not only give the impression of being more opulent than those that do not use this approach, but they also taste quite a bit better than those that do use this method. You will be able to give the finished product a flavor that is all your own by following the procedures that are given in the following piece of advise on how to manufacture sweet foams using a cream siphon. This will allow you to give the product a taste that is all your own. If you follow these instructions, the final product will have a taste that is entirely unmistakably attributed to you alone.

Using A Cream Siphon, Make Delicious Foams

You probably already have a strong grasp of all the foundations of whipped cream siphons as well as all the potential that a cream siphon gives to those working in the food industry as a consequence of our previous writings. In addition, you probably already have a solid understanding of all the potential that a cream siphon gives to those working in the food industry.The moment has come to put the concepts discussed in the book into action, so let's get started. As a result of this, we have come to the conclusion that it would be beneficial to include in this blog two recipes for sweet foams that may be made by utilizing a whipped cream siphon. These are some tasty recipes that we are certain you will appreciate. Let's get to work as soon as possible!

Getting Ready For Your Cream Siphon

Before you begin your procedure, you need to be sure that you have a cream siphon that is prepared and ready to use. This is the single most important phase in the process. A cream siphon is a dispenser made of aluminum that is used to let off the nitrous oxide gas, often known as N2O, that is required for this dish. A cream siphon can be found at most kitchen supply stores. This completed item is often packaged in a cream charger that is capable of holding 8 grams of cream or a big cylinder that is capable of holding 640 grams of Xingye Whip.

640g Fast Gas Cream Chargers with Different Flavors Optional

Is the N2O and the siphon all set to begin operation?The dispenser will need to have more supplies added to it. Consider the following, among other things:

1. Place the siphon so that it is horizontally aligned with the surface you are working on. After that, take off the cap that is affixed to the siphon.

2. After placing the foam mixture inside, secure the head by turning the screw until it is as tight as possible.

3. Take off the filling reservoir cover, which may be found on the head, and then place it inside the 8g cream cartridge before replacing the filling reservoir lid. The screwdriver will need to be used to reattach the cover of the reservoir once it has been checked to make sure that it is in the appropriate position. The gas capsule will open as soon as you screw it on, allowing the gas to start flowing into the bottle so that you can use it. As soon as you screw it on, you will become aware of this fact.

Shake is the name of the fourth and last phase in the process. Make sure to give your sweets a good shake before you add the sugar to them. It is important to avoid over-aerating the combination while also ensuring that the contents of the container are spread evenly throughout the container, hence it is important to simply lightly shake the container.

Two Of The Best Sweet Foam Recipes Using A Cream Siphon

Foam Strawberry Sauce

You will need approximately in order to make a frothy and delicious sauce made with strawberries.

One of the following:

1.300 grams of strawberries;

2.50 grams of sugar; or 20 grams of stevia was used in the mixture.

3. A quantity that is equal to thirty grams of cream cheese in weight

4. Load the siphon with one gas charge and two grams of xanthan gum. Both a binder and an emulsifier for vegetable products, xanthan gum is a common ingredient.


First the strawberries should be pureed, and then the juice should be strained in order to eliminate any seeds that may have been left behind. It is essential that the liquid be fully transparent in appearance. After that, put the xanthan gum, cream, and juice into the blender beaker. Blend until smooth. Combine until there are no lumps. Depending on what you intend to do with the mixture after it has been prepared, you may either place it in the refrigerator to chill it down beforehand or serve it as soon as it is ready.

You have the option of doing the following if you would prefer have it froth: After the strawberry sauce has been prepared, transfer it into the siphon using a funnel if possible. Give the siphon a good shake before placing it in the refrigerator for some time so that it can cold. Shake the siphon once more like you did in the previous step, then hold it so that it is upright and slowly press down on the lever until you see the mixture emerge out the siphon.

Any of your preferred desserts can benefit from the addition of this strawberry foam sauce, which will cause your mouth to water. For instance, you could use it in place of custard or cream in a cake recipe; you could also use it as a filling for tartlets.

Mousse Au Chocolat

N2O Cream Chargers To Whip Cream in Kitchen

Another great and simple recipe for making sweet foams using a cream siphon is a delightful chocolate mousse.

What you need is:

1.Whipped cream weighing 1.125 grams

2.Milk, preferably whole for sweets, 2.125 ml

3. Two beaten egg yolks

4.Two egg whites, four

5. 15 grams of stevia or 30 grams of sugar

6.75 grams of chopped chocolate (best for desserts)

7.1 charges of gas


After you have gathered all of the essential ingredients, the first thing you need to do is combine the milk, cream, and sugar in a saucepan and bring it to a simmer over a low heat. After the mixture has reached the desired consistency, remove it from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Continue beating the egg yolks as you add the liquid, and as soon as steam begins to emerge, continue adding the liquid as well. This should be done until all of the liquid has been added. After that, empty the contents of the bowl back into the pan, and then proceed to continue swirling the mixture as the temperature is being decreased. After chopping the chocolate and adding it to the mixture, you should whisk it until it is entirely combined to ensure that the chocolate doesn't separate.

At this point, all of the preparation work for the combination has been completed, and you are free to move on to the next phase, which is to wait for it to become room temperature.

After the mixture has cooled down, the egg whites should be beaten some more before being added to the mixture. Afterward, the mixture should be added. After that, the combined ingredients need to be added. After that, you need to add the egg whites to the mixture and combine everything.

Have you validated the combination that you typed in to ensure that it is the correct one?Give it a brief stir right before you use it, after you have already put it in the siphon and right before you use it. Before it is served, it ought to be stored in the refrigerator for about two hours in order to attain the proper temperature. After you have removed the siphon from the container, give it one more shake before proceeding to spoon the foam over the delicacy of your selection.

Wonderful sweets that are one of a kind, one of a kind, and innovative in their manufacturing can be generated by combining these two sweet foams with a siphon and using them in conjunction with each other. These are guaranteed to be of assistance to you, that much is certain from our end!

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